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Partner: one associated with another, especially in an action; one who shares in relationship with another.

In partnering with THM we join ourselves together in bringing Father God’s heart of reconciliation, healing, freedom and transformation to our world. As we partner together, you will network with a team of pioneers who are on an exciting adventure that will help set people free!

In this partnership, our desire is to teach and equip those who share a common passion and heart beat for what God has called THM to do. In this connection, we pray that God will richly bless you and do a mighty transformational work in your life.

THM Ministry Partners

As a THM Partner, you have the opportunity to sow into a ministry that is bringing life-change to the world by helping hearts experience God’s love, grace and freedom. Your contribution will go towards showing people their God-given identity as we pierce the darkness with the power of God’s Kingdom.

As a part of the Turning Hearts Ministries partnership, you will have access to exciting resources:

  1. Access to a dedicated web site just for partners. After completing the online payment system, you will be redirected to create a user account, where you can log in to view the Partnership features.
  2. Special messages will be posted on the THMP site. You will have access to archives of teachings that will be updated regularly. Many messages have notes included.
  3. Access to online teachings videos are also included.
  4. Partner discount of 25% off all training resources.
  5. Special discount on all personal coaching sessions.
  6. Partners only online meetups, Q&A’s and more!

Our commitments will be to:

  1. Keep you in regular prayer, believing for God to: work powerfully in your life, lead you towards becoming more like Christ in every way and lead you into your divine destiny.
  2. Send regular ministry news and updates.
  3. Walk with integrity, grow in revelation from God’s Word and seek His direction continually.
  4. Periodically offer special gifts and resources for your growth and encouragement.
  5. Do our best to update the THMP site with the latest updates.

Your commitments will be to:

  1. Lift up the ministry in regular prayer, as shown in the prayer support section.
  2. Contact us with your praise reports and prayer requests.
  3. Attend THM events if possible.
  4. Support us financially with your monthly pledge.

Note: Turning Hearts Ministries, Inc. has been registered as an non-profit 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax-deductable. We ask that you prayerfully consider this exciting relationship.


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